Moringa in cosmetology

In search of the ideal means of beauty, humanity has gone incredibly far. The more we try to understand this, it becomes all the more clear that there is nothing better than what nature has given us. It is said,  that if the plant is good as whole, then all its components will be good too! This is typical of Moringa!

Every part of this magical tree can be consumed in some form or the other for physical and mental well being!

Moringa has been successfully exploited in the following areas:








Moringa has been found to be extremely effective in treating aging of the skin and enlarged skin pores

In the skincare domain, Moringa can be used in the manufacture of :

- creams and lotions;

- refreshing tonics;

- skin cleansers;

- Masks for the face;

- dry shampoos;

- shampoos;

- Balsams;

- Beldi.

The input percentage varies between  1 to 5 percent, depending on the application and the concentration required  in the composition.

Moringa powder and oil are an integral part of cosmetics produced by internationally reputed brands across the world.

Moringa has proven to positively impact the skin in the following ways:

- eliminates irritation on the facial skin, acne, rashes;

- makes the skin smooth and silky;

- stimulates the appearance of an even tan;

- promotes the production of melanin which impacts skin colour;

- rejuvenates and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles;

- heals wounds, minimizing the risk of scarring.

Apart from refreshing facial beauty, Moringa helps to:

- prevent hair loss due to the presence of  Methionine, an amino acid;

- actively stimulates hair growth and decelerates aging.


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