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Дерево моринга растет в Индии
Известна в 82-х странах и имеет 210 разных названий!
Листья сушат и измельчают в порошок
Который сохраняет все свойства свежих листьев и применяется в производстве продуктов питания, БАДов и косметических средств.
Порошок содержит:
92 питательных соединения, 46 антиоксидантов, 36 противовоспалительных соединений, 18 аминокислот, 9 незаменимых аминокислот

Moringa oleifera (moringa oleifera) is the latest trend in the rapidly growing superfoods industry. This is one of the most interesting plants: it not only contains all the necessary vitamins, and minerals but also essential proteins. It is rightly touted as the "magic pill" by experts in the Food Industry

Who can use the moringa oleifera in their production? 

The powder of the Moringa leaf  as well as the oil extracted from its seeds, are used in the manufacture of:

  • dietary supplements, as capsules and tablets:


  • beauty and hair care products - face masks, creams, shampoo:


  • food and beverage products – tea, condiments, confectionery, ice cream.


The percentage of Moringa is a matter of choice, manufacturing standards adopted by companies and what the end product is meant to deliver. The percentage of Moringa varies from 3% to 25% per kg of the basic  raw material used. Moringa plays the role of a powerful supplement, a catalyst to vitality!

India continues to be the world’s primary producer of Moringa and by 2020 the market is expected to generate close to 630 million Euros, growing  nearly two-fold in of five years.

Our company is engaged in wholesale deliveries of moringa oleifera to your country directly from the manufacturer from India. You can find out all the details by writing to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are happy to answer all your questions!

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Introducing a new line of nutritious products with Moringa helps to keep pace with emerging global trends and staying ahead of competition



Why moringa is a hit?


Moringa is a powerful antioxidant and superfood that


increases stamina

lowers cholesterol

aids in managing diabetes, blood pressure

improves mental health and depression

beneficial during pregnancy and lactation

strengthens the immune system

supports anti-aging

stimulates hair growth


The Herbal Miracle:

92 Nutrients and 46 Antioxidants

in One Tree Moringa Oleifera


a number of anti-inflammatory compounds


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